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Yes2Iraq is a Canadian non-profit organization supporting those whose lives have been affected by the war in Iraq. By highlighting their struggles and needs, our goal is to create a better future for Iraqis all over the world. We seek to bring understanding and cohesion among all Iraqis, and promote  core social values of respect and acceptance for all religions and ethnicities.


As various conflicts continue in the area, we are committed to raising awareness and support for the rising numbers of orphans in Iraq affected by decades of war and violence.


In 2014, ISIS began infiltrating regions of western and northern Iraq, causing horror and destruction. As a result, a group of young Iraqi-Canadians came together with a mutual desire to bring change. Their shared vision lead to the creation of Yes2Iraq.


Yes2Iraq initially started as an outreach group that advocates the untold stories of war victims within Iraq. 

Later on, Yes2Iraq gained popularity through social media platforms because of the rich material presented and the new light that was shed on the rarely appreciated facets of Iraq.

Today, Yes2Iraq continues to spread positive and influential stories from Iraq, while hosting events to raise awareness, and running projects to help the less fortunate both in Iraq, Canada and abroad.

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