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Hassan is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, currently working as a Project Leader at Ontario Power Generation. 

Hassan is extremely passionate about aiding the Iraqi people around the world.

Founder and President

Hassan Jaber

Thoha is a graduate, of Political Science, and Sociology. She is currently works in Communications.

Thoha is committed to rebuild Iraq, and help Iraqis recover from the aftermath of the war.

Communications - Canada

Thoha Mahmood

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Mohamad is an accountant and HR professional with years of experience in the Canadian military, philanthropy and professional services.

Mohamed is using business methodologies to find innovative solutions that benefit underprivileged people around the world.

Finance Manager - Canada

Mohamed Sukar

Sora holds a bachelor degree of Civil Engineering with over 3 years of experience, currently working  in a General Contracting Company as a Project Coordinator. 

Project Management - Canada

Sora Al-Hamami

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Dhulfiqar is a Media Communications student graduating in 2019.

Dhulfiqar is a strong believer that providing aid and education for Iraqi orphans is one of the most critical ways to build a prosperous future for Iraq.

Media Team - Canada

Dhulfiqar Gshayyish

Saif is a graduate of Mechatronics Engineering, currently working as a Product Specialist at Hastec Engineering. 


Saif's passion is in making a positive difference in the lives of orphans and the ones in need.

Project Manager - Canada

Saif Sheet

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Yousif is an aspiring healthcare professional who would like to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged individuals.

Communications - Canada

Yousif Al-Ali


Working in the insurance sector in Toronto.

Part time football coach and in charge of all Yes2Iraq translations.

Translation - Canada

Mohammed Alsaeedi

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Bidour is a current dental student with a passion for helping others. She has been actively involved in volunteer work since the age of 15.

Finance - Canada - Jordan

Bidour Al-Rawi


Journalist and Photographer.

Worked in Iraqi Media from 2005-2014.

Extremely passionate about improving the image of Iraq internationally.

Public Relations - Middle East

Abbas Alwadi


IT Manager working in the bank industry.

Yes2Iraq team lead in Baghdad.

Team Lead - Iraq

Mohammed Bunyan

Hassan is an Iraqi activist working to create meaningful content of films and reports conveying a positive image of Iraq.

Media Team - Iraq

Hassan Al-Saadi

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Photographer and activist.

Loves empowering the youth for a better Iraq.

Operations - Iraq

Sinan Raisan

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